Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The hustle and bustle in my life and IMQG updates

There is so much activity happening around me that my mind is struggling to cope with all.
There are a few reasons to celebrate though  - 

1. The IMQG's first ever meet in Pune will happen from April 20th to 22nd. I am super excited about it since it will benchmark the beginning of an exciting period for all the quilters in India (I don't see any male quilters in the group yet.......but i am hopeful! :)). When we started the Guild we didn't honestly have an idea that we would have more than a hundred members so soon!!

2. My home finally looks livable after a month of cement and sand and broken flooring. Trust me, renovating the house 'sounds' like a lovely idea. When it becomes is a nightmare. What with a spouse whose working hours start extending miraculously the day the workers start pulling up the flooring......and the kid chooses the same couple of weeks to fall get the picture.

3. This is something i look forward to every birthday! Next Sunday! I have always had a great fascination for the day and i ensure that everyone around me is aware of my birthday :). Even my almost 4 year old daughter isn't half as excited as me about getting birthday presents.

All in all, no time for quilting or even picking up the cutter or fabric. I intend to finish of Madhu's block for the IMQG block party first as soon as i find the box with my quilting tools. Check out the block party is fun! 


  1. Happy Birthday. I love mine too! I hope you enjoy the renos on the house and that all the mess is a distant memory. Hope the quilt guild event is great!

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    I have awarded you the Leibster Blog Award. Please go to my blog and check it out.