Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Need Suggestions on colours!

This is another bed sheet that I started to work upon. A rather ambitious project, as you could see. I am doing up the entire bed sheet with the herringbone stitch for the flowers and the leaves and the running stitch for the stems. I am not sure when I will finish it as the progress is pretty slow. I am also being distracted with my first quilt that I am trying to make and I am going through a lot of stitching and unravelling. Another reason why it is stuck is because I am not sure about the colour that I could use for the small flowers. The bigger ones look good with the shaded maroon. The smaller ones look good with the lilac however the bright blue looks better in the photograph. I am absolutely confused. Any suggestions???

My first almost complete project

Here’s one of my pet projects. These are same sized patches cut to practice my skills of cross stitch. The cloth is cotton and I had to pin a cross stitch net on it. All the patches have the same birdhouse motif on them. I guess it hadn’t turned out that bad. I am now going to attach these patches to a pale green double bed spread. If it looks good then I could also gift it to my sister who is getting married soon.