Friday, 24 December 2010

So many things happened in the past couple of months....

This is going to be a long post however i guess that's what happens when one doesn't post anything for around 3 months...
1. I am home full time and still enjoying it.
2. Ira started playschool and i have a couple of hours each morning to do what i please.
3. A lot of cooking experiments, some good, some not so good.
4. A satisfied husband and a daughter as i now have more time to spend with them.
5. A bit slower on the embroidery front....i could finish only 6 of the 19 State Flower Quilt blocks.
6. I finally got the rotary cutters and the mat that i had ordered for. All my free time is now being spent in practicing using the cutters.
7. While i was waiting for the rotary cutters to arrive i decided to try a fairly simple quilt top with circles cut using Cd's as templates. I saw a beautiful quilt at Crazy Mom Quilts and i am trying to make mine look similar. I am not so comfortable using my sewing machine for the applique so i am using the needle turn method for the circles first.

Time for some pictures: