Monday, 23 May 2011

Frida Night Sew - In for May 20th

I spent the last week at my mother's. All the sewing that i did was the FNSI for May 20th. This is a stacked coins quilt that i am hoping to complete soon. I have the coins stitched in rows now and hopefullt the sashings and the quilting would be managed in this week.
The fabric is White cotton from my stash and Classic Kona Cottons charm pack.

My sister had her birthday the week before last and she wanted something stitched by me. Remember the Doodle Stitch Along pieces?
This -

and this -

got converted into -

I had a good time stitching these up with my mom. I have 2 more left to stitch however they can wait for a while as i have run out of my lovely red fabric. :(

My daughter turns 3 this 26th and the next thing on my 'To Do' list is to plan and execute a birthday party :).  Hope i get more sewing done amidst all this. The camera still refuses to cooperate but my cell phone is obliging me for the moment so i think i will have pictures of the finished quilt to post soon.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Friday Night Sew - In on May 20th

I have decided to participate in the Friday Night Sew - In after following Heidi's blog for a while. I love the concept however i hadn't really managed to keep aside a time specifically for the Sew - In.
I am going to my mother's place next week so i do not have to worry about completing household chores, cooking dinner early, etc. I only have to worry about whether my daughter would sleep early. I might skip her nap and take her to the park in the evening so that she gets tired. Kinda sneaky, isn't it? I guess not....i have to get her started on the 'early to bed, early to rise' routine. :) Her school begins in the first week of June so she will have to be up early anyway.

I have decided to complete my block for the Quilt Blocks Swap that i am participating in. Alternatively i also have a Stacked coins quilt in the pileline which i could complete.

On the Bella Parade Project, I am going to use solids from my stash. It is a big blow to my excitement but then i brought it on myself. :(

The old camera has gone and died on me again so no pictures for this post. Hope i can figure out how to revive it or atleast learn to use the camera in my cell phone properly.