Friday, 16 September 2011

A yummy desert!

My aunt came visiting yesterday. While catching up with the family gossip, we swapped some recipes. This is a quick and yummy one that i tried as soon as she left. It is a delicious version of the lovely caramel custard. My husband loved it and so did Ira. 

Coffee Caramel Pudding

250 ml milk
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 tbsp instant coffee
1 tsp vanilla essence

Mix the milk and sugar and heat till the sugar dissolves. Cool. 
Whip the eggs and coffee till they froth. Add to the cooled milk and sugar mix. Add the vanilla and mix well.
In a decorative steel bowl, mix 1 teaspoonful of sugar with 1 teaspoonful water. Heat till the sugar is caramelized and coats the bottom of the bowl evenly. Pour the milk and eggs mix over the caramel carefully. Do not stir. Pressure cook for 3 whistles. Store in the fridge till you are ready to eat. Invert the pudding bowl on a serving place so the lovely caramel topping would be visible. Cut into wedges and serve. 

I did not obviously remember to click a photograph...i was just busy eating. :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Show and Tell!

When i was at my mom's place for the last month of my pregnancy i had made a couple of quilts for my baby. I never got to show them on my blog because they were packed up and left on the loft and i am kind of 'out of sight - out of mind' kind of a person. I have recently taken to check all the stored stuff because now the house is bursting at its seams. I found one of the quilts that i made for my daughter. It was a full fabric quilt with a satin and cotton combo. It was hand quilted by my mom as Ira came a week early making me abandon the project. She quilted it in white and hot pink and also added a few sparklers for the effect. Ira loves it even now.

I don't have the other quilt to show as it is well worn by now. 

Between the mad rush of Ira's fancy dress event and my house cleaning i forgot all about this table topper that i had made last week. 

I have sadly run out of batting so this little beauty will have to wait a while before i could finish it. I followed this easy peasy the tutorial that i found here.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Periwinkle!

Ira had a fancy dress competition in her school today. I cut out a periwinkle from the cardboard and painted it pink! I also cut out leaves and made it look as attractive as i could for a 3 year old. She was very excited about the entire process till last night. This morning she got cold feet and didn't want to go to school. Once we were at the school, she didn't want to wear her flower.....well, after a lot of convincing and watching a few performances she finally agreed to go to the stage. My husband has written a verse on periwinkle which she was supposed to sing and enact. She did sing.......but that was that....and the loudest was her 'Thank you " :).

Well, all in all, whatever she did, she received the first we both are happy.
P.S - while trying to get her to the stage i promised all sorts of bribes.....chocolates, gifts....she made me get everything on the way home. I tried to restrict all the demands but she said she did as she was told and it was now 'my turn to keep the promise'! :)

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Food Express!

My sister is a foodie! She loves to eat and experiment with what she eats. She is a tech writer and is equally thorough with her food as she is with her words. She has started a food blog to chronicle and share her experiments. Do check out her blog at The Food Express