Friday, 9 September 2011

Show and Tell!

When i was at my mom's place for the last month of my pregnancy i had made a couple of quilts for my baby. I never got to show them on my blog because they were packed up and left on the loft and i am kind of 'out of sight - out of mind' kind of a person. I have recently taken to check all the stored stuff because now the house is bursting at its seams. I found one of the quilts that i made for my daughter. It was a full fabric quilt with a satin and cotton combo. It was hand quilted by my mom as Ira came a week early making me abandon the project. She quilted it in white and hot pink and also added a few sparklers for the effect. Ira loves it even now.

I don't have the other quilt to show as it is well worn by now. 

Between the mad rush of Ira's fancy dress event and my house cleaning i forgot all about this table topper that i had made last week. 

I have sadly run out of batting so this little beauty will have to wait a while before i could finish it. I followed this easy peasy the tutorial that i found here.

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