Monday, 21 November 2011

Another Win

Shruti and me seem to have some sort of a connection. Rather i should say i have a connection with her random number generator. Whenever a giveaway is announced by her.....i win! :)

On this occasion the loot is awesome. Check it out!

There was a cute little wooden parrot, a pack of strawberry patches and a small purse which the kiddo has claimed as hers and isn't even letting me photograph them. I am going to make every one of these doll quilts. They are so yummy. My sister has some ideas about how i could use these designs and make full size quilts for her. She will have to wait! 

This is another of my WIP's. I started it long back when i was learning to piece. Piecing isn't one of my strong points even now but back then it was a nightmare for me. I decided to complete this one as it is because i want a play mat for my kid's doll house. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

India Modern Quilt Guild

The modern Quilt Guild has a new addition. The India Modern Quilt Guild for all the Modern quilters in India. At present it is just an online community however soon we too would have retreats, classes and quilt shows. 

If you haven't joined yet.....please do so. Don't miss the fun!!

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Vacation

I am back in the blog land after almost a month. For the past month i just could manage to glimpse at who's doing what once a week. Diwali kept me super occupied. All that sweet and savory stuff that i made is now over and so is the euphoria of a festival 'yet again well enjoyed'.  The festivities have now trickled down to an occasional guest and an occasional dinner. Though i absolutely love all the aspects of this festival i am kinda glad it is coming to a stop. It means i can get back to my normal routine.  

My quilting and embroidery was pretty much non existent all through this. The schools don't reopen for another week so i guess it will be a while while i take up the needle again. I have a bunch of goodies to show. I just hope i find time soon.