Monday, 21 November 2011

Another Win

Shruti and me seem to have some sort of a connection. Rather i should say i have a connection with her random number generator. Whenever a giveaway is announced by her.....i win! :)

On this occasion the loot is awesome. Check it out!

There was a cute little wooden parrot, a pack of strawberry patches and a small purse which the kiddo has claimed as hers and isn't even letting me photograph them. I am going to make every one of these doll quilts. They are so yummy. My sister has some ideas about how i could use these designs and make full size quilts for her. She will have to wait! 

This is another of my WIP's. I started it long back when i was learning to piece. Piecing isn't one of my strong points even now but back then it was a nightmare for me. I decided to complete this one as it is because i want a play mat for my kid's doll house. 


  1. Congrats Shilpa. Its always nice to win something. Enjoy!

  2. You still havent shown me the parrot!