Thursday, 20 January 2011

A kitchen adventure...

An overzealous housewife, a glass bowl, a scream, sound of running feet, blood, stitches and painkillers. Oh, and by the end of this all a frustrated husband! :)

Not a plot for a new story, however 'it happened to me' last night. I was drying the crockery and a glass bowl slipped from my hand. It smashed on the kitchen platform and before going to pieces took it's revenge on me by giving me a deep cut on my wrist.
One scream and a shout later i rushed to my father in law's (a doctor) for a dressing. He took one look and rushed me to the hospital for stitches. The doctor at the hospital kept asking me if i would panic through the procedure and if i wanted my husband to hold my hand while he stitched the wound. I said no and he produced a big stapler and stapled the wound together....

Well, now here i am, on painkillers, antibiotics and with a sling in my neck to support my arm. All the photos that i wanted to post of my recent finishes will have to wait....also my stitching will have to take a backseat till i recover.

The brighter side -
Ira wasn't in the kitchen when this happened.
My husband was home so he could look after her while i rushed to my father in law's place.
My in laws stay next door so i always have help in case of emergencies.

Ira, though only 2 and a half understood that i had limited mobility and dressed herself for school this morning without a fuss and i am once again proud of my baby. :)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My sewing space

I saw Shruti from 13 Woodhouse Road asking for guest posts on sewing spaces. It got me thinking about the need to have one designated place for my forays in the land of sewing.
My sewing space changes according to my moods and needs. If I am in the mood for hand stitching, my sewing space would be in front of the TV with all the soaps on. If I am using the sewing machine, it could be the master bedroom, my kid’s room or again in front of the TV.  Where I sew also depends upon whether I am in the mood for much cleaning later on. If I do not wish to clear the mess I would rather sew away in my daughter’s room. She is 2 and a half and doesn’t really mind the mess.  I like the fact that I have a portable machine which gives me the freedom to sit and sew wherever I can (Well, considering I have a two bedroom house, I do not really have a lot of optional spaces). I embroider more than I sew so I do not mind the lack of a designated place yet....

Another finish...

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