Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Coming clean!

I have a confession. In spite of pretending otherwise…..I am still a novice quilter. I do understand all the quilting terms and techniques when I read them but I am scared to try most of them.  When I see other quilters working wonders with fabric…I am scared some more. I yearn for their confidence. So far my forte has been quilting embroidery centric projects. My sewing machine is a basic Janome that doesn’t come with a walking foot and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to drop the feed dogs on this one. I guess it doesn’t have that option. (I have read all the manuals and it doesn’t mention dropping the feed dogs anywhere.) This year made a lot of new friends in the quilting land. One such friend, Shruti, became a major inspiration and a mentor whom I can ask any question without thinking I might sound silly.  Check out her blog for some awesome stuff! 

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas afternoon

All my husband's cousins live in Pune and we meet us quite frequently over food and gossip. This weekend, over dinner at a sister in law's place, we ladies decided to get together and bake a cake for Christmas. Not that we celebrate was just a reason to get together to gossip some more. We made 2 quick and fabulous cakes and did gossip a lot more while the cakes were being baked. I had taken the kiddo with me so she could spend time with another cousin of hers of the same age. She enjoyed it too so i have decided to take her along for the next girls' weekend out that i am planning with my cousins.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Winter blues

The winter is upon us. Getting up early is becoming difficult each morning however i have no choice in the matter coz Ira's school is in the morning. I am counting days till the time her school closes for Christmas. It will be so lovely to sleep in late.

Meanwhile, i do have some stuff done to show however not yet. I know i haven't been posting about anything related to my quilting or embroidery. I just want to finish some pieces before i do so. Hope that day come soon. I feel soooo good when i finish a pending project.