Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A long break.......

This has been a really long break. I have attended a few weddings, gotten myself  and the kid into the habit of waking up early as the school has begun and since we both are up much earlier than our comfort allows, we both take a nap for a couple of hours in the afternoon....phew! That's what's keeping me busy.
The upside is the rains arrived on schedule and hence necessitate a certain amount of rearranging in my programs if i have to avoid going out in the rain :). The kiddo loves to get wet in the rain. This is the first ever wet season that she will remember. Every time it rains, she runs to the balcony to get wet in the rain.......and skids and bumps in the wall. It isn't funny when when you have to comfort a wailing child but it does get funny when when she repeats her performance every single time there is a shower.

I have really neglected my sewing and stitching for a while now. It's just one of those phases where i don't feel like doing anything but read cookbooks. That is my 'pick me up' therapy. Not that i would move and cook any of those recipes every time......i simply absolutely love to read cookbooks.

I had participated in a quilt block swap in may and i hope i will be able to clear my backlog enough to do so in the next month too. This is what i sent my partner....

This is one of the blocks that i am making for the Birdie Stitches Stitch Along.

I have resolved to complete all my pending projects this month and if i keep my promise to myself (don't ask me how many times i have reaaaaaly done that) i will have some beautiful stuff to show soon. It all depends on how soon i adjust myself to waking up early :(.