Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My new year activities

The best thing that's happened this year is that things are picking up at the India Modern Quilt Guild.  Now we have new office bearers and a Quilt giveaway already happening. 2013 sure looks like an exciting year for the IMQG. I only hope I will be able to participate in every activity.  
December last year went into a flurry of weekend trips.  My family loves these little outings since it is difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedules for a long trip. We went to a beach in December and the kiddo has a lot of fun. I am thankful for a daughter who finds enjoyment in any given situation or place or weather as long as she is well fed.  A couple of days back we went climbing a fort nearby and she loved it too. My limbs are still protesting any movement but she is back to her hopping self.   
All this is indeed taking a toll on my sewing time though. I do have some WIP’s but not enough to share anytime soon. There’s this one that has been in the making for a while as a baby quilt. This one’s a wonky squares block that I found the tutorial for at Cluck Cluck Sew. All i need now is to finish this quilt AND find a baby for it :). 
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