Thursday, 20 January 2011

A kitchen adventure...

An overzealous housewife, a glass bowl, a scream, sound of running feet, blood, stitches and painkillers. Oh, and by the end of this all a frustrated husband! :)

Not a plot for a new story, however 'it happened to me' last night. I was drying the crockery and a glass bowl slipped from my hand. It smashed on the kitchen platform and before going to pieces took it's revenge on me by giving me a deep cut on my wrist.
One scream and a shout later i rushed to my father in law's (a doctor) for a dressing. He took one look and rushed me to the hospital for stitches. The doctor at the hospital kept asking me if i would panic through the procedure and if i wanted my husband to hold my hand while he stitched the wound. I said no and he produced a big stapler and stapled the wound together....

Well, now here i am, on painkillers, antibiotics and with a sling in my neck to support my arm. All the photos that i wanted to post of my recent finishes will have to wait....also my stitching will have to take a backseat till i recover.

The brighter side -
Ira wasn't in the kitchen when this happened.
My husband was home so he could look after her while i rushed to my father in law's place.
My in laws stay next door so i always have help in case of emergencies.

Ira, though only 2 and a half understood that i had limited mobility and dressed herself for school this morning without a fuss and i am once again proud of my baby. :)


  1. Oh,Iam well aware of such situations!!
    Take care,Shilpa.

  2. bless your heart! Take care of your wound and I can't wait to see your work when you can show it! blessings,Kathleen

  3. so the moral of the story is that the husband should do the washing up after a meal!