Monday, 7 November 2011

A Vacation

I am back in the blog land after almost a month. For the past month i just could manage to glimpse at who's doing what once a week. Diwali kept me super occupied. All that sweet and savory stuff that i made is now over and so is the euphoria of a festival 'yet again well enjoyed'.  The festivities have now trickled down to an occasional guest and an occasional dinner. Though i absolutely love all the aspects of this festival i am kinda glad it is coming to a stop. It means i can get back to my normal routine.  

My quilting and embroidery was pretty much non existent all through this. The schools don't reopen for another week so i guess it will be a while while i take up the needle again. I have a bunch of goodies to show. I just hope i find time soon.

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