Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Friday Night Sew - In on May 20th

I have decided to participate in the Friday Night Sew - In after following Heidi's blog for a while. I love the concept however i hadn't really managed to keep aside a time specifically for the Sew - In.
I am going to my mother's place next week so i do not have to worry about completing household chores, cooking dinner early, etc. I only have to worry about whether my daughter would sleep early. I might skip her nap and take her to the park in the evening so that she gets tired. Kinda sneaky, isn't it? I guess not....i have to get her started on the 'early to bed, early to rise' routine. :) Her school begins in the first week of June so she will have to be up early anyway.

I have decided to complete my block for the Quilt Blocks Swap that i am participating in. Alternatively i also have a Stacked coins quilt in the pileline which i could complete.

On the Bella Parade Project, I am going to use solids from my stash. It is a big blow to my excitement but then i brought it on myself. :(

The old camera has gone and died on me again so no pictures for this post. Hope i can figure out how to revive it or atleast learn to use the camera in my cell phone properly.

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  1. your blog is looking wonderful!!! I had been reading it in Google reader for a while... Will join you for the FNSI!