Monday, 27 February 2012

Sneak peak in my life...

I sincerely hope people are wondering about my absence in the blog land. If not, well..... i will still give you an account of what i am up to. Since this year has begun the kiddo has caught cold so many times that her staple diet now consists of cold medications and cough syrups. On the home front.....the flooring of my home had for a while steadily started puffing. When i say puffing....i mean puffing. It feels like walking between mounds of floor. Like we do everything else....we thought for a while about how to tackle the problem. It was finally decided to bring in a contractor and get a professional opinion. We then had a string of contractors telling us that the flooring needed to be replaced. So we then decided to go tile hunting however the kiddo and DH again  caught the cold virus and were down for a couple of days. So i am the only one left to think about the problem and to plan the next step. Whew!!! Now you know how busy i am. 

I had decided on completing one project a month hoping to make a slow dent in my WIP's. I failed to keep my vow for the moth of Feb which means i will have to finish 2 projects in March to catch up with my resolution. :) Do you do the same? I did manage to get something crafty done though. The kiddo's school is holding an arts and craft exhibition. Which means the parents make whatever is required and the kids are only expected to figure out what their parents have done. I made a veggie stall and happily Ira could recognize most of the veggies. 

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