Tuesday, 24 April 2012

IMQG Meet, Pune and the Good Times!

I must be the last one to talk about the meet!. Facebook is buzzing with the news of the meet and the discussions about the wonderful time we had. What i liked personally was that feeling of oneness that only one single hobby brought into us. We just didn't feel like we didn't know each other. The bonding was instantaneous and wonderful! We were a bunch of girls out to have fun and we did have lots of it! The lovely Bernina machines, the yummy fabric, the giggling, chatting to glory without bothering whose listening to whom.......all this was so refreshing. And the icing on the cake was the bundle of Snuggles that i won! :)


  1. found you through blogger map....very few Indians over here...and good to see you...

  2. je connais bien ta ville que j'adore !!!!!!! si je viens je vais te faire coucou
    bisous de France