Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Year Celebrations!

This is how we celebrate the Hindu New Year. We hoist a 'Gudhi', the family gets together, we cook a scrumptious meal and generally have fun. My family is a big foodie. Whatever be the occasion, the fist discussion is about the menu and everything else is unimportant. So we had a lovely spread yesterday, traditional, of course but yummy! The kids ran around the house having fun and looking at other people's Gudhis. My daughter felt everyone else's paled by comparison to ours :). Traditionally, one is supposed to buy gold or something precious at least on this day. I tried to convince my husband for additional diamonds :).....i even told him that it could be an early present for my birthday next week....i promised if i get the diamonds i won't ask for anything else......well, it didn't work at all! No diamonds but he did tell me to buy whatever else i wanted for myself as long as i didn't drag him for the shopping! Wonder if this trick would work every time???? :P

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