Monday, 11 April 2011

Another quick recipe.....

Wonder what everyone must be thinking! I tried this one up on a whim and i loved it so much that i thought i would share it :).

So here goes -
1 small pack Bingo Mad Angles Tomato Mischief (You can use whatever your favourite chips are)
2 cheese cubes
3-4 teaspoonful milk
Some Patience (very essential since the chips are yummy by themselves too).
Oregano and chili flakes to taste.

Shred the cheese and combine the milk and cheese in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for around 30-40 seconds. Stir a couple of times in between or else the sauce will burn.
Arrange the chips in a dish and pour the cheese sauce over them.
Sprinkle oregano and chili flakes or tomato salsa or whatever else takes your fancy and they are ready to eat.

I have no photograph to show until i make my next batch. Should give you an inkling of how irresistible this is :).

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