Thursday, 31 March 2011

Yay, Yay, Yay, Yay.....

That's how my daughter chanted when the India Vs. Pakistan World cup semi final match concluded. I bet she didn't understand the match at all but the enthusiasm of others was so infectious that she just joined in the cheering :). 
This was a crucial match for the Indian team and the viewers as the winner of this match would enter the World Cup finals and play against Sri Lanka. (Any match that India plays against Pakistan is equally crucial since it is not just about the game, it is about patriotism too.) So to make this event more happening and to engage more and more people to share the building tension and the joys and sorrows, the management of our residential complex decided to hold the screening of this match in the garden. And oh! it was fun! All the kids (and we have loads...of every age group) and their mothers, mostly, cheering and discussing the match minutely. So we had older people sitting in a group and a big group of housewives who had to watch the match and keep an eye on the smaller kids, mine included. It was a heady feeling....watching the tension mount up , cheering with the players and exclamations of disappointments when Pakistan seemed to gain an upper hand. The last couple of overs were viewed with absolute silence and then.....ear splitting noise of the cheering that went on when India won the match! The entire mood was so euphoric! Crackers and cheers followed!

I don't really follow cricket though my husband is pretty into it. However for me too, this was an event to remember. Now i am eagerly awaiting the final match on April 2nd. Plans have already begun of carrying the dinner down with us so we won't miss a single minute of that infectious energy! :)

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