Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sushi and a glass of wine

When you love to eat, anything related to food becomes fun.Me and my sister Shweta had a lovely time last weekend at a sushi making party at a hotel in Pune. Sushi is essentially seafood and rice rolled in a sheet of seaweed. We had a good time watching types of sushi being made. The chef made it look so simple. And it was simple....till it was time to cut the maki with a huge chef's knife. Some of us did get it right though...without accidents. All the foodies gathered there had a go at rolling their own Sushi....and we got to eat our own creations. I had the distinction of being the only vegetarian in the assemblage.

 This is the one that i loved the most however couldn't eat it.....California Maki.

Me....trying a hand at rolling the Sushi.

Yay!!! i did it!!

My sister...

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