Thursday, 11 August 2011

Viruses....not in my computer though!

I have been longing to post my updates to the Birdie Stitches Stitch Along and the 36 patch quilt along. However for the past week or so my daughter and me were stuck in bed with a viral infection. Now the fever's receded and we are left with a bad cough. The timing is bad coz i have to at my mom's place next Monday for a function that i do not wish to miss. I managed to read a couple of books while i was laid up and also managed to sneak some embroidery. DH cooked for us while we were in bed and i guess that was the best part. :)

There's one occasion that shook me a little. The kiddo was kept away from me for a day when i had the temperature and she didn't. She tried a lot of times to come to my room to 'tell' me something important or 'show' me something that she had done. She was being constantly shooed away. She came to my room in the evening and stood by the door weeping. She told me she kept coming to me because she wanted to make me feel better and that she was scared that i didn't like her anymore. I don't understand where it came from but i realised i should have let her come in a couple of times or explained better why she wasn't allowed in my room. I guess that is why that entire day whenever i looked at her she kept on asking me to smile at her. It was her way of reassuring herself. I was very scared in that moment.
On a happier note.......she's back to being the normal brat seeing that i am now able to be with her once more. I would pray for more understanding and patience where she is concerned henceforth.

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  1. Ah bless her! And bless you too. It is not easy to deal with small ones, especially when you are under the weather. My own daughter was always worried about things like that when she was tiny. Now she is 22 and we are on very friendly terms. I pray for all moms seeking patience! I hope you are both feeling much better now. Love the photos from your trip!