Wednesday, 6 July 2011

To post a post without words......

I had decided to only paste pictures in this words. I thought if i could do that i could use my favourite title....Wordless Wednesday. If you know me you would know how impossible this is. I can never be wordless. I simply love to talk. If i have no one around to listen to me, i talk to myself. I also love to think out loud. My husband was the strong silent type when we were recently married. Now he talks at least half as much as me. My little angel too has inherited the gift of gab and between us we manage to give the poor man no moment of silence. His ideal time to come home from work is when i am taking the kiddo downstairs in the park to play. He gets an hour of peace and news without any interruptions. Me and my sister talk to each other and my mother everyday too. I guess that would explain why i pay my own cell phone bills rather than the DH. :)

Well, back to what i meant to really say. This is how i ramble on...i knew i should have said what i wanted to before i took off in another direction. As usual that resolution was hard to keep. So, there is this little wall hanging quilt that i am stitching for my mother. Now though i love stitching things up and gifting them to my family i have never really stitched anything for my mum. So here's the first thing that i am doing....hope she likes it!


  1. The Dutch children are so sweet! I'm sure she will love this.

  2. I traced this whole design out in linen, ironed on the interfacing, hooped it up, picked out the threads, packed it into my vacation stitching bag and didn't do a thing with it...
    However, your pretty stitching has inspired me to get started. Thanks!