Wednesday 7 October 2015

About Swaps

This year i haven't had a lot of chance to get together with my sewing machine. Various personal reasons apart...the only thing that is keeping the needle in my hand these days are swaps. The mini quilt swaps mean i could easily juggle my other priorities with sewing. I began with the Home Sweet home Mini swap for which i made an embroidered mini quilt for my partner.

My mini quilt with all the goodies that i sent my partner!

The ease of the project along with the creativity encouraged me so much that i signed up for a few more swaps. So all i will be posting henceforth are my swap items. I really love these swaps on Instagram. What an absolutely lovely way to keep creating and make friends in turn!!

Thursday 5 March 2015

On being an intermittent quilter...

I am, at this moment feeling very smart. I have coined a new phrase for my infrequent quilting related activities. I will now call myself an 'Intermittent Quilter'. Other things like work, the kid and general stuff keeps popping up in my life regularly to dissuade me from hooking up with the machine. 2015 began with a resolution to sew something every might notice i didn't give myself a very unattainable goal. The God of fate and resolutions didn't really like my decision. So i had loads of work coming in....which is good....the kid suddenly demanding a 'something interesting to eat' for every meal and social engagements popping up with alarming frequency. Well, all this justification for just one project in the past 2 months. 

This isn't a's a bedspread. I made it for my cousin who got married in February. 

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Something not quilted what i call it when i read about the Oktoberfest announcement on the India Quilt Guild on Facebook. It needs us to sew any kind of bag to participate in the challenge. I have just the thing that i finished last Sunday. A yoga mat cover that will go to a cousin so that she may go take her yoga classes.

Monday 2 September 2013

Mosaic baby quilt

My baby hidden behind the quilt. She so obligingly helped me photograph the quilt. This one goes to a new baby in the family. The pattern is Mosaic from Modern Minimal

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Sushi and a glass of wine

When you love to eat, anything related to food becomes fun.Me and my sister Shweta had a lovely time last weekend at a sushi making party at a hotel in Pune. Sushi is essentially seafood and rice rolled in a sheet of seaweed. We had a good time watching types of sushi being made. The chef made it look so simple. And it was simple....till it was time to cut the maki with a huge chef's knife. Some of us did get it right though...without accidents. All the foodies gathered there had a go at rolling their own Sushi....and we got to eat our own creations. I had the distinction of being the only vegetarian in the assemblage.

 This is the one that i loved the most however couldn't eat it.....California Maki.

Me....trying a hand at rolling the Sushi.

Yay!!! i did it!!

My sister...